North Vancouver Secondary Suite Bylaws & Policies





City of North Vancouver


District of North Vancouver


Bylaw or Policy


Zoning Bylaw, 1995, No. 6700


District of North Vancouver Zoning Bylaw, 1965, No. 3210


Definition of “Suite”


Accessory Secondary Suite


Secondary Suite




Single Family Residential Zone


Single Family Residential Zone


Type of Suite


Located in and part of a building which is a single real estate entity


Suite designated within a single family residential building


Number of Suites Permitted


Only 1 suite per single family dwelling


Only 1 suite is per single family residential building


Size Restrictions


Minimum 400 square feet and a maximum size of 40% of the total floor area of the building, up to 969 square feet.


Not to exceed in total area the lesser of 968 square feet or 40% of the residential floor space of the single family dwelling


Occupancy Restrictions






Owner Occupancy


Owner must live in building in order for a suite to be allowed


Owner of SFR building must live in building for suite to be allowed


Number of Occupants – Restrictions






Parking Requirements


1 additional off-street parking space is required


3 off-street parking spaces for a single family residential building with a suite




$177 inspection fee for each self-contained unit. Building permit application fee equal to 50% of building permit fee


$250 building permit application fee. $207.74 annual sewer rate per suite; $148.14 annual water rate per suite