The Lonsdale real estate market resides within The City of North Vancouver, and now contains over 16,000 pieces of real estate.  The number of attached properties in this region has increased substantially over the last five years, making it one of the fastest growing areas in the Lower Mainland.

Lonsdale is clearly a market that people from the North Shore, Lower Mainland and from around the world are turning to as a profitable real estate location. Although real estate prices on the North Shore can be considered high, these prices are still more competitive than what can be found in and around downtown Vancouver.  

The planning department at the City is doing a great job of developing a Sustainable City. Density is increasing within the Lonsdale Corridor: larger lots are being rezoned for duplex zoning; double lots are being converted into triplexes, fourplexes, or townhouses. Buildings are incorporating both residential and commercial space, and consideration is being given to make the community even more pedestrian friendly than it already is.

Regardless if you are a first time buyer, choosing to downsize, or seeking a rental or investment property to hold, flip or rent out, there is a wide array of real estate options in the Lonsdale region that you should consider. For more information on the Lonsdale Region of North Vancouver, visit:

The City of North Vancouver

north Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

North Vancouver Recreation Centre

Lonsdale Quay

City of North Vancouver Library

Presentation House Gallery