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A Community Shaped by the Community

Blog by Charlie Mackenzie, Personal Real Estate Corporation | May 23rd, 2008

A Community Shaped by the Community: Central Lonsdale Planning Study Underway.

The City of North Vancouver is turning to the residents for input on developing the Central Lonsdale region. There appears to be a stark shortage of real estate to satisfy the ever present demand in Lonsdale's gentrifying urban core. As such, the City is actively looking for feedback from the public to help guide future development in Central & Lower Lonsdale. The City's main focus is centered on density and one would expect to see more mixed use sites, larger buildings and more alterative forms of housing i.e. more “house” in less space. The study covers the area from the Upper Level Highway south to 8th Street and in-between St. Georges and Chesterfield.

The Lonsdale area, which is situated just a bridge and/or Seabus ride away from Downtown Vancouver has grown in desirability among the young and the young at heart who want to live in a highly thriving urban core without all the traffic and hustle and bustle. This urban core has morphed into a vibrant area that has a diversity of businesses, amenities that both renters and owners enjoy, even after dark. This, in conjunction with the close proximity of local North Shore Mountains for skiing, snowshoeing, and trail running, has been why there has been no shortage of real estate buyers aiming to get a piece of the action; with Central and Lower Lonsdale being one of the main areas of focus. With the increase in density there is also now more reason, and therefore now more of an emphasis placed on getting people out of the car and onto the streets.

A primary focus for the Central Lonsdale Planning Study is going to be determining ways to stimulate pedestrian traffic. Countries in Europe have experienced the benefits of dense development for decades. Clearly more density creates a streetscape and gives people a better sense of place. With conservation and energy consumption a number one concern for all of us; density increases are going to be used as a tool to help increase population without increasing the ecological footprint. I know that new buildings in the City of North Vancouver are going to need to adhere to the guidelines set out by LEED, REAP, and Built Green to ensure their energy efficiency.

As an appointed member of the Advisory Planning Commission I have been engaged in evaluating plans that deviate from the Official Community Plan, collaboratively working as an advisor to help sustainably develop commercial and residential real estate throughout the City of North Vancouver. It is my hope the Central Lonsdale Planning Study can provide some input to help direct the decisions being made by this and other City planning initiatives. I encourage both current and perspective owners to have their voices and opinions heard in this study. There is information boards on display at Harry Jerome recreation complex.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in this exciting Lonsdale region contact Joel Carcone of Re/Max Crest Realty 604-787-2052.

My next blog will discuss energy efficiencies, LEED, REAP and Built Green